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The Goddess and the Hunter (DIANA AND ACTAEON)

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Category : Articles of H.E - General

There was a cave at the extremities of the forest were the Goddess Diana used to bath whenever she became exhausted. Diana used to drop her arrow and surrender her bow to the nymphs of the fountain. Once she took of her garments, they would ladle scoops of water with their brimful pots and pour them into her godly figure.

Ill fate sent Actaeon - the grandson of Cadmus - to the preordained scene. He barely set foot in the sanctuary when the nymphs started crying: “A man…A man” promptly spinning a wall of bodies around Diana. Stripped out of her weapons, Diana helplessly splashed water upon the stranger crying: “Go tell them that you saw me naked if you dare”.

In a moment antlers started to grow from Actaeon’s wet head, his neck started to stretch and his ears became pointed. Actaeon was transformed into a terrified deer that ran away, “Oh wretched me” roamed in his mind since the animal couldn’t utter a single word anymore.
He couldn’t return to the palace, so he thought of hiding in the forest. While hesitating, his hunting dogs caught sight of him and immediately charged chasing him down in a relentless pursuit to catch the prey of the day.
He wished he could shout: “I am Actaeon, remember your master”, but words were not under his command anymore. He was caught and shredded into pieces.