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Awards Awarded by Mr. Mohammed Al-Suweidi Mr. Mohammed Al-Suweidi awards annual awards for the best works on Journey Literature called “Ibn Battouta Awards” which have been offered by Dar Al-Suweidi since 2003 to encourage research and writing in the field of geographic and journey literature. The Judging committee constitutes Arab specialists and men of letters.

The Award has five categories:
1. Checking Manuscripts Award to the best three works of checking manuscripts on old journeys.
2. Contemporary Journey, Award to the best journey book written recently.
3. Geographic Literature studies Award, for the best book in this field.
4. Journals Award, for the best book an Journals (Biography).
5. Press Journey Award, for the best book on a book written by a journalist.

Winning Works 2003
1. Rihlat: Ihraz Al-Mu’alla wa-ar-raqeeb 1785 by Mohammed Bin Abdul Wahab Bin Othman al-Miknasi, checked by Dr. Mohammed Bukabout, won first Award.
2. Europe Journey 1919, by Mohammed Bin Hassan Al-Hajawi Al-Tha’alibi, checked by Dr. Saeed Al-Fadhili, won second Award.
3. Al-Rihla Al-Tatweejiah ‘ila Al-Bilad Al-Ingleezia (Crowning Journey to England) by Al-Hassan Bin Mohammed Al-Ghassal, checked by Dr. Abdul Raheem Mouden, won third Award.
4. An Eye and a Wing: Voyages on Virgin Islands, Zanzibar, Thailand, Vietnam, Andalusia, and Empty Quarter, by Mohammed Al-Harithi, won the award of Contemporary Journey.

Winning Works 2004
1. Al-Rihla Al-Badria ‘ila Al-Manazil Al-Rumiya (16th century) by Badr Al-Deen Al-Ghazzi, checked by Mahdi Al-Rawadhyi, Jordon, won the first Award.
2. Ithaf Al-Akhyar bi Ghara’eb Al-Akhbar: A Journey to France, Belgium, England, and Italy 1876 by Idris Al-Juaidi Al-Salawi, checked and introduced by Dr. Ez-Al-Maghreb Ma’nino from Morocco, won the second Award.
3. Al-Rihla Al-Ma’eeniya 1938 by Ma’ Al-‘ainain Bin Al-Ateeq, checked and introduced by Dr. Mohammed Al-Thareef from Morocco, won the third Award.
4. Cities and Faces: Journeys to Istanbul, Morocco, Lisbon, by Ali Misbah, from Tunisia, won the Award of Contemporary Journey.
5. The Arab Journey to Europe, America and Russia during 19th and 20th centuries: by Dr. Abdul Nabi Thaker from Morocco won the Geographic Literature Award.

Winning Works 2005
1. Al-Rihla Al’ayashiya 1661 – 1663 by Abu Salem Abdulla Bin Mohammed Al-‘Ayashi, checked by Dr. Saeed Al-Fadhili and Dr. Sulaiman Al-Qurashi from Morocco, won the first Award.
2. BiLughat Al-Maram fi Al-Rihla ‘ila Bait Allah Al-Haram wa Al-Madina Al-Nabawiya 1852 by Yahya Bin Mathar Bin Ismael, checked by Abdulla Mohammed Al-Itabashi from Yemen,Husni Mohammed Thaib from Syria, won the second Award.
3. Rihlat Bin Buttlan 1049, by Yohana Al-Mukhtar Bin Al-Hassan Bin ‘Abdoun Bin Sa’doun Bin Buttlan, checked by Dr. Shaker Luiaibi from Iraq, won the Third Award.
4. Maps of Mid-Night Journeys in Istanbul, Athens Algeria and Tehran, Ali Badr from Iraq, won Contemporary Journey Award.
5. Al-Rihla Al-Safriyah: Dr. Al-Taye’ Al-Hadawi from Morocco, won the Geographic literature Studies Award.

Winning Works 2006
1. Al-Saffar’s Journey to Paris 1845 – 1846 by Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al-Saffar Al-Andalusi Al-Tattwani, checked by Dr. Suzan Miller from the United States of America, Translated by Dr. Khalid Bin Al-Sagheer from Morocco, won first Award for checked Transcripts.
2. The Musk Fragrance at the Turkish Embassy won second Award.
3. Amir Fakhr Al-Deen Al-Ma’ni Journey to Italy 1613 – 1618, checked and introduced by Qassim Wahab from Syria, won Third Award for checked Transcripts.
4. Nothing ….. Nobody ….. Journal at North Europe, by Farouq Yusuf from Iraq. Won Journals Award.
5. The Pavement of the killed (Dead) observations of an Arab Journalist from Iraq, Ibrahim Al-Massri from Egypt, won press Journey Award.
6. Reading The World: Journeys to Cuba, Reo di Janeero, Mali, Lisbon, Mid-India by Khalil Al-Nuaimi from Syria, won contemporary Journey Award.
7. The west Moslem Travelers and the image of the Arab orient from the 6th H. century to 8th H. century, by Dr. Abdul aziz Al-Jahmah, from Kuwait, won studies in Geographic literature Award.

Winning Works 2007
1. Rihlat Al-Wazeer Fi Iftikak Al-Amir, 1690 – 1691 by Mohammed Al-Ghassani Al-Andalusi, checked by Abdul Raheem Bin hada from Morocco.
2. Kitab Al-‘Itibar by Usama bin Munqith 1095 1188 AD, checked and introduced by Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Ashtar from Syria.
3. Astibanko’s Adventure in Red Indians Land from Azmur to Arizona: The first orient Journey to North America 1500 – 1539, checked by Mustafa and ‘Arab from Morocco.
4. The Dust of Continents: Journeys in America, Canada, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Italy, Greece and other places by Khalid Al-Najar from Tunisia, won the Award of Contemporary Journey.
5. The Development of Islamic Geographic thought from beginnings to end of Abbasya. Era 556 – 1258 H. by Abdul Rahman Saleh Mazori from Iraq – Berlin, won Geographic Literature studies Award.
6. Travel between cities: from Biqa1 to Berlin, by Hassan Shaweesh from Palestine, residing in Berlin, won Journals Award.
7. One orange to Palestine: from Jericho to Japha, A journey by a Palestinian writer under occupation from 1997 – 2007 by Tahseen Yaqeen from Palestine, won press Journey Award.


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